Nu Horizons Reverse Mortgage Loans for Farms and Rural Properties.


Remember when you were young and life was simple, when we all lived in our country homes without the threat of foreclosure. This is still possible through a reverse mortgage loan. Let us help, see what we can do for you.
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We believe that you have the right
to keep your farm and home for as long as you live.

Many of us have worked extremely hard throughout our lives to set up our farms and country homes. Yet during your golden retirement years you find yourself in constant worry about retaining your basic life style.

Nu Horizons is here to help you. With four knowledgeable staff members, we will assess your individual case and see if a reverse mortgage is the correct step for you.

After it has been decided that a reverse mortgage is to your personal benefit we will cary you through every step of the process. Nu Horizons will help you choose the correct reverse mortgage lender and set you up with the most logical program for your farm or country home. We will be by your side until the loan is secured and even afterwards.

Give us a try, see how we can help you attain an income from your existing farm our country home. Using a reverse mortgage will allow you to keep your farm until the day you pass away or decide to sell your rural property.